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Evergreen Healthy Vegetarian Association (EHVA) 


The purpose of vegetarian diet has now expanded beyond religious reasons to include consideration of health and nutrition, and has currently made the vegetarian diet a major trend worldwide. Evergreen Health Vegetarian Association seeks to promote a healthy attitude toward daily diet: breakfast should be plentiful and diverse, lunch should consist of one main protein item, and dinner should be small, consisting of lightly flavored vegetarian dishes. Because the proper preparation of vegetarian cuisine requires techniques that are difficult to many, EHVA  members have established  the mission of developing and promoting nutritious, healthful and gourmet yet easy-to-prepare vegetarian cuisine.


Evergreen Healthy Vegetarian Association is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to develop nutritious, healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes, to provide correct concepts of a healthy balanced diet, to enhance the exchange between western and eastern diets, and to promote the quality of life. We will promote healthy vegetarianism by the following ways:
  • Develop and practice the requirements of being a healthy vegetarian.  We will design recipes intended for the general public, as well as specialized ones made for minority groups or those with special needs, such as seniors, children and the handicapped.
  • Offer cooking classes. We will teach the idea of healthy vegetarianism.
  • Hold annual promotion activities and diet education workshops for interested communities.
  • Always follow these four guidelines in developing vegetarian cuisine:
    • Balanced nutrition--includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, etc.; uses limited quantities of salt, sugar and oil of good quality.
    • Fresh and natural ingredients--use only natural ingredients and avoids artificial preservatives and flavorings.
    • Clear instructions--anyone can prepare delicious vegetarian cuisine by following the recipes.
    • Simple and inexpensive--fits any family's budget.
EHVA promotes healthy vegetarianism without consideration of race, nationality, religion, political affiliation, gender, etc.  


長 青 緣 起







  1. 發展並落實健康素食的要求,針對一般大眾及各弱勢團體,如老人、兒童、殘疾及復健等的特殊需求設計素食食譜。
  2. 提供烹飪教學,教導並推廣素食的烹飪技巧及營養健康的飲食觀念。
  3. 舉辦年度性推廣活動以宣導健康的飲食習慣。
  4. 遵循下列四個原則研發素食產品:
    • 均衡的營養─包括蛋白質、脂肪、碳水化合物、礦物質、維生素等,使用限量的鹽、少量的糖及合理份量的好油。
    • 新鮮自然的材料─重視原味,盡量避免加工。
    • 清楚的程序說明─人人都能依照設計的食譜做出可口的素食。
    • 簡易而經濟實惠─適合一般家庭使用。



本中心為非營利組織,目的在宣導正確的健康素食理念以提昇生活品質。本中心工作人員均屬不支薪的義工,各項推廣活動均靠大家在人力、物力上的支持與捐助。竭誠歡迎您慷慨解囊,一切捐贈皆可依個人所得狀況抵稅,捐贈股票還可節省capital gain的稅。凡捐款$500以上者為本中心年度榮譽董事。捐款支票抬頭請寫Evergreen Healthy Vegetarian Association 或EHVA,並寄到本中心,謝謝!

Please send tax-deductible donation to Evergreen Healthy Vegetarian Association.  Thank you!

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